Vault 94

Vault 94 is one of the vault series of fallout shelters constructed by Vault-Tec. Its construction began in 2068, and was finished in November 2076 in the outskirts of Traverse City.


Construction of Vault 94 began in 2068, when Vault-Tec received substantial private funding from two of Michigan’s largest employers. Unbeknownst to either party, these two separate groups that provided the funding for Vault 94 were under the impression that they would each have sole use of the vault. It wasn’t until October 22nd, one day before the Great War, that these two groups discovered they would be sharing a Vault together indefinitely. The two groups, which would eventually merge to create The Followers of the Ascension, were the Michigan Army Arsenal Science Division (MAASD) and the Church of the Holy Mind (CHM).

Michigan Army Arsenal Science Division

The Michigan Army Arsenal Science Division (MAASD) was the largest group of scientists in Michigan employed by the U.S Army in the years leading up to the great war. They were tasked with the development and testing of many of the Army’s laser and plasma weaponry. Due to the importance of their research for the war effort, the U.S government issued them a grant of $400 Billion for use of payment for the construction of a Vault, so that they could continue their research during the Great War. Why the government didn’t just pay Vault-Tec themselves for a vault is unknown.

Church of the Holy Mind

Founded in 2042 by Reverend Aleene Nasa in the city of Kingsly, Michigan, the Church of the Holy mind is little more than a pacifistic cult that believes in the pureness of the human spirit, and the power of mind over matter. After many years of obscurity, the Church had a huge boom in membership once fear of a nuclear war started gripping many Americans, and anti-war sentiments grew. Using their newfound popularity and surge of followers, televangelists, and donation drives, the Church pooled an impressive $200 Billion together in order to fund the construction of a Vault for all devout followers to worship in peace and safety from the nuclear holocaust.


Unlike most vaults, Vault 94 was constructed specifically to house two different groups of people with competing ideologies. As such, the Vault shares one Commons area, but then splits off equally on each side to completely separate the two group of vault dwellers. Each side has a male and female dormitory, restrooms, recreation areas, cafeterias, and even two separate Overseers offices. Although there would be two Overseers, a third Overseer office was also built in the Commons area, in the event of the two groups successfully merging, negating the need of two Overseers.

Although the Vault was designed to equally house two separate groups of vault dwellers, there are some notable differences in the two halves of the vault. Seeing as the MAASD donated twice as much money as the CHM, the MAASD half furnished with significantly better furniture and equipment. They were also outfitted with a full working laboratory and weapons training range, in order to continue their pre-war experiments.

Lacking any need for advanced science equipment, the CHM half of the vault was instead given an extensive library for all manner of spiritual and religious books. They were also given a room specifically for prayer and meditation. As noted above, the CHM did not have as much money to donate for the construction of the vault, of thus had a poor quality of furnishings as compared to the other half of the vault. Although a bit uncomfortable, this did not bother most of the Church members, as one of their core beliefs was the power of the mind over the body. The apparent difference in furnishing quality did leave some animosity between the two ideologically opposing factions however.

Vault 94

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