The Ascension

The Ascension is a ultra-hardline religious group dedicated to spreading their faith to all those under their control, both the willing and the unwilling.

The Ascension is believed to be the passing of the inheritance of Earth from humans to Ghouls, and to an extent all mutants, by way of The Great War. Obviously unable to handle such powerful technologies, humans are denied the right to use any Old World technologies or medicines. Any human blessed enough to become a Ghoul shall be absolved of all his father’s sins. Those who believe in this significant paradigm shift are called Followers of the Ascension.

High Overseer

Leader of the Ascension. Seen as the Overseer of Post-War Humanity. Has absolute power in all affairs of Church and State. Original Overseer of Vault 94


Ghoulish Clergymen of the Ascension. Tasked with teaching and enforcing the scriptures of The Ascension. Beholden only to the High Overseer, there is not much they cannot do, even if it goes against the Holy Scriptures.

Social Structure

  • The Ascension believe Ghouls and other Mutants to be more pure in spirit, thus better than Humans.
  • Ghouls are seen as the next step in Human Evolution. Though not particularly any stronger or smarter than humans, they consider their enhanced life span and radiation resistance to place them above non-mutated humans in a post nuclear war. Ghouls are allowed unrestricted access to any technologies at the Ascension’s disposal.
  • Non-mutated humans are seen and treated as second class citizens. They are not allowed access to any pre-war technologies. Civilian humans are denied pre-war medications. Instead, they must rely on post-war medications and faith healing (in the form of radiation). Humans make up the bulk of the Ascension’s population, as most humans die from the amount of radiation needed to transform into a Ghoul. Humans who are blessed enough to turn into a ghoul are then afforded all of the rights of any other ghoul within The Ascension.
  • Although not religiously worshipped, the mutated creatures of the Great Lakes Wasteland are treated with a revered respect. Humans may not harm any mutated creature, while Ghouls are allowed to kill them only in an act of self-defense. This makes the Ascension held territories of the Great Lakes Wasteland very dangerous for human travelers. Creatures such as Brahmin and Giant Fire Ants are not allowed to be eaten by followers of The Ascension; however they can be domesticated for work.
  • The mutated plants of the Great Lakes Wasteland make up the diet of the followers of The Ascension. This diet leads to an early death to many human followers, if not ghoulification.
  • Any human, ghoul or mutant who isn’t a Follower of the Ascension is treated with extreme prejudice. The humans are treated as Untouchables. Mutants and Ghouls who don’t follow The Ascension are treated with pity. Anyone who refuses to join with The Ascension are either killed or banished, depending on whether they’re human or not.

Holy Scriptures of the Ascension

Scriptures of the Ascension are to be taught to and followed by all Followers of the Ascension. While all are to follow the Scriptures in theory, only humans are strictly bound by them. Ghouls exercise some leeway in the following of the Scriptures, with Overseers and the High Overseer practicing even more freedom from the Scriptures. It’s an open secret that the Clergy don’t follow the Scriptures as closely as they should, though no one would dare call them out on it, for fear of persecution.

  1. Radiation and all touched by it is to be treated with awe and respect.
  1. Glowing Ones are to be treated with the utmost reverence.
  1. No harm may be done to the Irradiated Creatures of the Wasteland, nor may their flesh be feasted upon.
  1. As penance for their Pre-War transgressions, no human may own or use any Old War technologies.
  1. Any human blessed enough to become a Ghoul shall be treated as any other Ghoul thenceforth.
  1. It is the duty of all Followers to convert Non-Believers. Those who refuse are to be exterminated.


All able bodied human men are conscripted into the Ascension’s military forces. Although humans cannot be trusted with Pre-War tech, they are allowed the use of stims and firearms during active combat. During times of peace or on leave from the frontlines of combat, all human military personnel must turn over their weapons and stims to their unit’s Ghoul commander.

Although Ghouls are not conscripted into the military as humans are, male and female ghouls may choose to join the Ascension’s military forces. Many choose to do so as they see it as a way to convert or exterminate non-believers. Although not all Ghouls are high ranking soldiers in the Military, only Ghouls are allowed the higher ranking positions in the Ascension’s military. Most Ghouls prefer the use of laser or nuclear based weaponry over conventional firearms. Every Ghoul soldier is allowed to keep and openly carry his or her weapon at any time.

The Ascension

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