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Welcome to the Great Lakes Wasteland

Welcome to hell. The Great Lakes Region, like much of the old United States, was mostly obliterated by the nuclear holocaust covered the world on October 23, 2077. While much of the region was devasted, the great shining lakes remained an oasis of clear water in a world tainted. After a time vault dwellers began to exit their vaults and repopulate the much-changed world.

The tamed forests and land that their ancestors once knew were destroyed and replaced by something else, something alien. Much of the flora and fauna that blanketed the land was changed into mutated versions of those in the past. Northern Michigan was turned into a vast forest of giants, with nearly two-thirds of the land covered in trees 30 feet in diameter and more than 250 feet tall.

Beavers that were commonly 29"–35" in length grew into massively bloated monsters, easily as reaching over seven feet in height. All life seemed hostile and well suited to the new environment. Not only were there new creatures for the vault dwellers to fend off, it seemed that many pre-war peoples had fled into the forests and devolved into something strange, something inhuman.

The vault dwellers fled their vaults and started new homes amongst the long abandoned cities of old. Large communities and eventual nations sprang up in Detroit, and Grand Rapids. Trade began to flow around the Great Lakes, and despite the occasional raider band from the Peninsula of Superior or mutant attack from the forests of the north, everything seemed to be going well. Then came word of a new nation from the east, a nation with immense and almost limitless power. It was said this empire, called LaBelle, had control of much of the eastern portion of Canada, assimilating all that it came across and even defeating the ancestors of the once powerful U.S. military that were charged with subduing the violence in Canada pre-war.

With all the traffic flowing seamlessly across the Great Lakes, bandits, brigands, and pirates have come to take advantage of the chaos and anarchy that has plagued Michigan during these series of wars between various nations and factions. The Order of Hunters, once a neutral guild of super-powered monster slayers dedicated to the coin and ridding Michigan of the various monsters and mutants, has become increasingly politicized, as the various schools of the Hunters are becoming more allied to the nations they reside in, instead of to the Order itself.

To the north, in the Forest of Giants, a new faction named The Red Faction, rose seemingly suddenly to challenge the authority of the disunited and weakened Confederation of Michigan and as well the religious theocracy of The Ascension. To the east, past the Troyt River and the Great Lakes, the LaBellean Empire has been licking its wounds after the Second Michigan War, and the creeping power of the slave nation from the Pitt, Ashura has been encroaching on settlements in Michigan, with Troyt and the League of Michigan preoccupied with both LaBelle and the , there is little to be done with the annexation of lands in the south to this industrial powerhouse. And finally, in the north, the Superior Kingdom has been watching with keen interest at the conflicts in the south, with King Jacobetti III sickened and on his death bed, the kingdom could go to one of his three sons, each with a different vision of what they want to see their kingdom become. It seems little has changed in America. Because war, war never changes.

But somewhere in this calamity is you. Be you an adventurer, vault dweller, or something far more sinister. Everyone has their own reason to be in the Great Lakes Wasteland. But, whatever your reason is, you had best choose your friends carefully, and choose your enemies with even more caution, because if you choose wrong, you will surely end up in the belly of a beast.

Main Page

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