The Red Faction

Untitled.pngThe Red Bloc is a Stalinist faction within the Great Lake Wasteland.

Commonly referred to as “The Reds” and “The Communists”, they are based in the northern and eastern part of the Great Lake Wasteland and is governed by the Communist Union of the Great Lakes, which is currently lead by General Secretary Comrade Maxim Oakley Keracher.

The Red Bloc are believed to have the largest population, military, and territory in the Great Lake Wasteland. They are characterized by their neutrality to most other factions, despite their underlying hostile demeanor, frequent imperialism, as well as their current war with The Militia and The Ascension.



The Red Bloc, has a vague history and how it was founded is largely unknown, but at some point, the city of Cadillac endorsed a Communist ideology based off of the old Soviet Union. The influence of the city spread Communism throughout the northern part of the Great Lake Wasteland and most, if not all, of the settlements in the north, have come under direct Red Bloc control. The spread of the Communists and their State Planning, Atheistic ideology lead to almost immediate fighting with Troyt Republic and The Ascension, starting the Troyt-Red Bloc War and the Ascension-Red Bloc War, both wars still occurring today.



The Red Bloc is a one-party communist state under the Communist Union of the Great Lakes. The head of state is the General Secretary of the Great Lake Worker’s Assembly, elected from amongst the representatives to a life term. Oakley Keracher is the first and only General Secretary of the Red Bloc.

Legislative functions are held by the 100-member Worker’s Assembly, elected for four-year terms by the Worker’s Councils. In practice, the Worker’s Assembly served mostly as a rubber stamp for the decisions of the General Secretary.

The Red Bloc is a communist state, and exercised extensive redistribution of wealth over the land that has come under it’s control. Most Wealthy land owners, industrialists, business owners have been imprisoned or executed, and all private land has been confiscated. An unknown number have been killed in purges of ‘enemies of the state’, but the numbers are estimated to be in the thousands.


The Red Bloc’s state ideology is Stalinist Communism. They promote class equality, common ownership, and anti-capitialism. On paper, the Communists believe that everything that comes out of the Red Bloc is to be shared equally with everyone, meaning all are entitled to food, water, and housing, and if one person has four caps and the other has none, they must divide it among themselves. Their society, follows a very strict mindset: One leader, one Party, and one ideology to assure that their ideological goals are met. Order and control are considered more important than individual freedoms, to make sure their beliefs withstand.

In reality life the Red Bloc is tough for most residents, with a brutal police-state system of government, and frequent shortages of food and other necessities – citizens are often over-worked, underpaid, and generally terrorized by the government. Well-armed soldiers patrol each settlement under communist control to maintain law and order as well as prevent rebellion, while conscripted recruits are used for war fighting at the front. The government encourages and values loyalty to State above all, and it is not unusual for individuals to sell out their own neighbors to the police for rewards of food. Those who do so much as disrespect a soldier, or are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, are arrested and sent to one of the various and feared Re-Education Facilities. which are used as political prisons by the Communists for citizens who break the law or do not obey the government. These rules and policies cause large numbers of refugees to flee the Red Bloc, creating a refugee crisis for the other factions, although most don’t make it that far.

Red Army


The Red Army, the official military of the Red Bloc, and is believed to be the largest army in the Great Lake Wasteland. When comparing it to the Militia of the Troyt Republic, the Red Army is much larger in size due to the Red Bloc having a much higher population to conscript from, and because of this they also have lower standards towards the combat capability of their troops. Internal politics of Communist-controlled settlements is focused upon conscription, aimed at enticing as many recruits to join up as possible. The Red Army, therefore, has the manpower to launch costly human wave attacks against the Militia defences without so much as a second thought.

Red Army soldiers are mostly untrained, poorly equipped, and sent into battle shortly after recruitment. The methods of how soldiers are recruited and criteria to be considered suitable for combat are unknown, however, it can be assumed that while they are not forced to be soldiers, all able-bodied males are pressured into signing up due to the apparent poor quality of life in Communist-held settlements. Soldiers are promised a pay of 100 caps for fighting, as well if they are killed in battle their family recieves their pay.

The Red Faction

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