Great Lakes Wars

The Great Lakes Wars are the series of wars fought between the eastern LaBellean Empire and coalitions of Great Lakes Nations in the 23rd century. LaBelle’s foray into the Great Lakes began with the annexation of minor kingdoms east of the Troyt River in 2205. By invading the Kingdom of Huron during 2205, it sparked a mobilization of Michigan forces in response, resulting in the First Great Lake War. As a consequence of the Empire’s continued incursions, the Second Great Lake War broke out in 2211, concluding the next year with the signing of a major peace settlement.

The Empire’s inhabitants refer to the conflicts as the Lakers Wars, whereas that term is rarely used in the Michigan, where they are known as the LaBellean Wars.

First LaBelle-Michigan War

Invasion of Huron

  • LaBelle crosses the Saint Clar River and enters The Thumb
  • 2205, Battle of Port Huron
  • Conquest and massacre of Huron

Fighting in Upper Thumb

  • Total War – destroying and burning of much of the Upper Thumb
  • Battle of Bad Axe

Attack on Lower Thumb

  • Battle of Algonac – The First LaBelle-Michigan War ends

Second LaBelle-Michigan War


The Aggressors

  • LaBellean Empire (including all its existing provinces)
  • Huron deserters from Faulkner’s army
  • Mutant Liberation Army
  • Badaxe (led by King Rudolph)

Confederation of Michigan

  • Warren
  • Saginaw
  • Troy
  • Flynt
  • Novi
  • Fordborn
  • Auburn
  • Bacreek
  • Bay
  • The Ascension
  • Badaxe (insurgents led by Prince Geroge)
  • Huron (volunteers led by Faulkner)

Great Lakes Wars

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